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The Project begins

BOOM! Boom! The sound grows louder as a giant figure approaches the bar. Heads turn in anticipation, for anything short of a heart attack would be a let down. The look on peoples faces say ” it’s just a matter of time”.

Oh the life of a bar regular. Especially one that weighs in at over 350lbs. The order comes over the bar, “vodka soda, burger, bacon, cheddar cheese”. A moment of hesitation before I put the order in… ah fuck it I have to pay my rent and this guy has to eat and drink before the shakes come. I can glance and judge and wonder how anyone’s life gets to this point. Self hatred maybe? What ever it is, enough is enough, i should intervene.
I guess at this point I should state, I have no formal training on how to save a life, or any degrees in life saving techniques. So I yeah I’m a little nervous, because, shit-the dude could die ! However, I have pretty good understanding of a Paleolithic life style and and underground elite fitness regiment called cross-fit. It’s crazy, check it out.  If I can get this guy that to do what I’m recommending- i can save his life.

So, the challenge is thrown down. Get a person to drastically change their life style using a relatively unheard of method, and try not to kill him on the way.

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