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Why do we fall…? Because you can’t get much lower than the floor.

I woke up today to Wolf Parade’s hit song, Language City. A song that finds itself deep in the Russian clubs, high on cocaine, wondering if all  this talk is for nothing. You know,  “all this working, just to tear it all down.” Sometimes I wonder if it’s easier to destroy rather than create. Why are some people funnier dead than alive? Gee, what can the bark on trees be made of? Oh! I digress.

The past two weeks have been terrible in regards to the “project”. What with a holiday, the death of a good friend, being alone on Valentine’s day, and losing thirty-two grand-spundoinkle!, I’d destroy it all and get inebriated every day my-self. If this all sounds defeatist, it is. I can’t seem to compete with what triggers one to destroy all that they’ve started to build. I mean, how many time can I tell someone the differences between good fat and bad fat? How about a visual to illustrate. This is bad fat: CLICK . This is good fat:CLICK.

So, does this all point towards giving  up? I don’t know, maybe. Thankfully getting drunk, falling asleep at the bar, then tumbling down, and cracking ones elbow really tends to put things into perspective. The view from the floor is surprisingly eye opening when the only place to look is up. I hope next week there will be more of a positive outlook on things. For now more JOY DIVISION.

By the way, for those who like fun music: Check out the Brooklyn band Yeasayer’s new album. It’s like if Gumby and Hercules had a kid and named him Gumbercules.

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