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Ahh..The bar

Perhaps the greatest thing about the bar scene(besides the tequila) might be it’s uncanny nature to create webs of social networks. It is through this social network that ideas spread and individuals become members of groups, or evolve into the all encapsulating term of “regular”. You see, regulars all talk to one another on a daily basis, so it should come as no surprise that my work with Gargamel is no longer a secret. I was always expecting this. However I was not expecting the encouragement and genuine interest in this brand of fitness, in fact through this social network I have taken on a new client. And the great news, this person works they’re ass off. We have a real goal set for June and twenty sessions scheduled from now until then. Seem great, right? Yeah- here’s the catch- this is what people have been fooled into believing!Do not eat like this Eat like this and get ready for some auto immune diseases. Trying to explain why this is true can be further researched by reading the grain manifesto. The challenge is getting one to reverse what they thought was good into bad, and what was once bad, into good. I realize at this point I must sound like a crazy person, but I challenge you to find a better way of eating.

Seriously, i have $1000 to anyone who can prove nutritionally and scientifically a better performance eating regiment. Any takers??

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