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Now It gets real…Like the Goonies

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a fun test for us all to do! Go around and ask people, friends, co-workers, significant others, strangers, really anyone who looks sane, this question- and see what they say. “Do you believe that doing a workout in 2 to 3 minutes, can surpass the benefits of mild to moderate exercise in excess of an hour?” Confused? This is the mild to moderate exercise I see people doing in the gyms for hours.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that even the smallest amount of exercise can benefit any individual. However, we must accept the concept that time does not equal maximum efficiency. Compare the above video to this absolutely insane output of energy.

Now, I know there are very few people in the world that can display this level of athleticism, however know that it is possible to destroy a work out in two minutes and realize the excuse of time is no longer valid.

Which brings me to my Everest- Gargamel. After weeks of lectures, educating, shunning, and finally accepting that I’m completely over matched, I played my final card. A gamble to be sure, but before i get ahead of my-self and reveal what happened, it should be known that I really like this guy, he’s my friend…so calling him out and making him tear up was purely a means to an end. Basically calling someone worthless, fat, a drunk, and unable to change sucks, but it had to be done. Maybe I got through, because for the first time since the beginning of this I saw some real combative energy, so much in fact that Gargamel agreed to a workout with me in the gym. Back in the gym after three years- a victory for me.


Blogs that inspire me to do stuff and other stuff.

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

This post is going to be easy fun and quick.

Blog number one This is my go to site for all my Paleo information. Down load the free podcast if you care about your life.

Blog number two As a designer to be this shit makes me laugh. Like this hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Blog number three People in Austin TX, who post special recipes for good, clean cooking.

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Why do we fall…? Because you can’t get much lower than the floor.

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I woke up today to Wolf Parade’s hit song, Language City. A song that finds itself deep in the Russian clubs, high on cocaine, wondering if all  this talk is for nothing. You know,  “all this working, just to tear it all down.” Sometimes I wonder if it’s easier to destroy rather than create. Why are some people funnier dead than alive? Gee, what can the bark on trees be made of? Oh! I digress.

The past two weeks have been terrible in regards to the “project”. What with a holiday, the death of a good friend, being alone on Valentine’s day, and losing thirty-two grand-spundoinkle!, I’d destroy it all and get inebriated every day my-self. If this all sounds defeatist, it is. I can’t seem to compete with what triggers one to destroy all that they’ve started to build. I mean, how many time can I tell someone the differences between good fat and bad fat? How about a visual to illustrate. This is bad fat: CLICK . This is good fat:CLICK.

So, does this all point towards giving  up? I don’t know, maybe. Thankfully getting drunk, falling asleep at the bar, then tumbling down, and cracking ones elbow really tends to put things into perspective. The view from the floor is surprisingly eye opening when the only place to look is up. I hope next week there will be more of a positive outlook on things. For now more JOY DIVISION.

By the way, for those who like fun music: Check out the Brooklyn band Yeasayer’s new album. It’s like if Gumby and Hercules had a kid and named him Gumbercules.

And we’re off, well sort of

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, after the first week of realizing how big a challenge it’s going to be to get this guy to change his entire life, I’ve decided to revise my plan. For some inspiration I’ve created a photo journal. This gives a better example of what Paleolithic cooking looks like. Obviously, I caught the fish with a stick, knifed the grass fed cow, killed the chicken with a blow dart and farmed the fruits and vegetables; because that’s what cave men did. (I didn’t do any of that).  However I told- well, I guess he needs a name-how about, oh I don’t know… Gargamel! Yes! So I told Gargamel that he could get these and most  items like this at whole food or on the interwebs. (Check out this great ranch) As he cannot yet hunt with the ninja like skills needed to kill.
I was surprised to see that Gargamel dove head first into the change of diet, because after all one has to lean-out before any real strength training can take place. Unfortunately I completely failed with my task of slowing Gargamel’s booze consumption as he got drunk and threw a slice of pizza at a woman wearing a red scarf singing arias from Carmen. I however, was in Boston watching amazing theatre, so I cannot be held too responsible for what has been dubbed “red badges of courage”. Anyway, our plan for the upcoming week is to dial in on the food consumption, start a journal of when and what amount of food is taken in, and maybe start a gradual cut back of the booze.

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The Project begins

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

BOOM! Boom! The sound grows louder as a giant figure approaches the bar. Heads turn in anticipation, for anything short of a heart attack would be a let down. The look on peoples faces say ” it’s just a matter of time”.

Oh the life of a bar regular. Especially one that weighs in at over 350lbs. The order comes over the bar, “vodka soda, burger, bacon, cheddar cheese”. A moment of hesitation before I put the order in… ah fuck it I have to pay my rent and this guy has to eat and drink before the shakes come. I can glance and judge and wonder how anyone’s life gets to this point. Self hatred maybe? What ever it is, enough is enough, i should intervene.
I guess at this point I should state, I have no formal training on how to save a life, or any degrees in life saving techniques. So I yeah I’m a little nervous, because, shit-the dude could die ! However, I have pretty good understanding of a Paleolithic life style and and underground elite fitness regiment called cross-fit. It’s crazy, check it out.  If I can get this guy that to do what I’m recommending- i can save his life.

So, the challenge is thrown down. Get a person to drastically change their life style using a relatively unheard of method, and try not to kill him on the way.

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