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When The World Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Cellos

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

What happens when it all falls apart? When the universe decides to throw it’s weight around? Do we run? Give up? Or do we fight? Recently my friend and client, Gargamel underwent surgery for an enlarged hernia. Interesting, a person decides to change their life and not only does the psyche rebel, but the body does as well. What this ultimately has done is increase drug and alcohol consumption to higher levels than before the project started. Awesome. Now I do this!

I think back to my days of Drama School (not AMDA) and remember how we were emotionally stripped of all that we were. “Being rebuilt in the image of past personalities” is what they would say. What does that mean? I still have no idea, but i do have access to all those things that make me cry! Maybe this is a chance to rebuild Gargamel, he is after all at rock bottom. And if my guess is correct, at the bottom of his fifth Kettle One and soda. The time is rapidly coming when I walk away.

At this point if you haven’t already, listen to the song at the beginning of the post. Listen again


Now It’s clear

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I really like those super motivational posters that one finds browsing the shops of a run down strip mall. Far too many times, I’ve found my-self down in the dumps, unable to grasp the meaning of life. A sad state to be, no doubt. It sure is good that these posters exist to inspire folks. In fact, I’m so inspired I decided to make a special poster for my comrade Gargamel . See how the sun just breaks through the clouds, like some analgesic narcotic that makes everything better. (that turn of phrase is not mine- it’s from Adam Rapp’s amazing play Nocturne-read it.) You see, Gargamel struggles with what is called a “Drinking Problem”.

Clearly, I need to enlist the advice of an addiction specialist to adjust my training process. And what do you know, I just happened to run into such a person. My questions are in the vein of basic knowledge, as are the answers: “in order to progress in recovery, we also need to let go of some of our friends, some of our activities, some of our favorite places to relax and socialize, even some of our humor.” I felt at this point my need for answers would be better served if I asked more specific questions. It turns out, Gargamel is drinking out of fear. Fear is quite a powerful motivator, especially in this case, because it’s operating on two levels. First the fear of failure and it’s direct relationship with fear of success drastically plays into failing to making changes. Secondly fear leads to shame, and drinking in Gargamel’s case is shame based. If Gargamel can learn “that there is no reason for being ashamed of wanting to change his life”, then the real change can begin. Those clouds sure do inspire, don’t they.

And we’re off, well sort of

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, after the first week of realizing how big a challenge it’s going to be to get this guy to change his entire life, I’ve decided to revise my plan. For some inspiration I’ve created a photo journal. This gives a better example of what Paleolithic cooking looks like. Obviously, I caught the fish with a stick, knifed the grass fed cow, killed the chicken with a blow dart and farmed the fruits and vegetables; because that’s what cave men did. (I didn’t do any of that).  However I told- well, I guess he needs a name-how about, oh I don’t know… Gargamel! Yes! So I told Gargamel that he could get these and most  items like this at whole food or on the interwebs. (Check out this great ranch) As he cannot yet hunt with the ninja like skills needed to kill.
I was surprised to see that Gargamel dove head first into the change of diet, because after all one has to lean-out before any real strength training can take place. Unfortunately I completely failed with my task of slowing Gargamel’s booze consumption as he got drunk and threw a slice of pizza at a woman wearing a red scarf singing arias from Carmen. I however, was in Boston watching amazing theatre, so I cannot be held too responsible for what has been dubbed “red badges of courage”. Anyway, our plan for the upcoming week is to dial in on the food consumption, start a journal of when and what amount of food is taken in, and maybe start a gradual cut back of the booze.

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The Project begins

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

BOOM! Boom! The sound grows louder as a giant figure approaches the bar. Heads turn in anticipation, for anything short of a heart attack would be a let down. The look on peoples faces say ” it’s just a matter of time”.

Oh the life of a bar regular. Especially one that weighs in at over 350lbs. The order comes over the bar, “vodka soda, burger, bacon, cheddar cheese”. A moment of hesitation before I put the order in… ah fuck it I have to pay my rent and this guy has to eat and drink before the shakes come. I can glance and judge and wonder how anyone’s life gets to this point. Self hatred maybe? What ever it is, enough is enough, i should intervene.
I guess at this point I should state, I have no formal training on how to save a life, or any degrees in life saving techniques. So I yeah I’m a little nervous, because, shit-the dude could die ! However, I have pretty good understanding of a Paleolithic life style and and underground elite fitness regiment called cross-fit. It’s crazy, check it out.  If I can get this guy that to do what I’m recommending- i can save his life.

So, the challenge is thrown down. Get a person to drastically change their life style using a relatively unheard of method, and try not to kill him on the way.

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