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The End Is Only The Beginning

Well, that was a crazy thirteen weeks. How about a recap! I took to the task of training, and I use that term lightly, a gentleman of larger stature. No one thought it could be done. I however, being the competitive person that I am, set out to prove them all wrong. Turns out I was wrong. Not so much in what I was doing, but how I was approaching the problem.Now, I’m not going¬† to bore you all with my theories on why failure from the start was almost guaranteed, but for the masochistic read up on the malfunction of serotonin . It’s really boring. So moving forward, I had lost my subject to circumstances that are hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. The whole hospitalization still confounds me.¬† Then a week later I got a new client and everything changed. The “blog” became more of a potential tool for serious clients, rather than a half baked shot at hilarity. A site containing information for any client who wants to keep track of their goals, or compare what others are doing was becoming a reality. My new favorite quote comes from the CrossFit certification team: “We fail at our margins of experience”. Clearly, I was past my margins with Gargamel, but without the experience I gained from him, this evolution could not of taken place. As for Gargamel, I guess he’s the same. “Vodka soda, burger, bacon, cheddar cheese”.



Blogs that inspire me to do stuff and other stuff.

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

This post is going to be easy fun and quick.

Blog number one This is my go to site for all my Paleo information. Down load the free podcast if you care about your life.

Blog number two As a designer to be this shit makes me laugh. Like this hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Blog number three People in Austin TX, who post special recipes for good, clean cooking.

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